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There are lots of subjects that people specialize in when collecting minerals.
Some people collect a specific mineral, like Rhodochrosite, or group of minerals, like Carbonates, which would include Rhodochrosite, among several other minerals. Some people collect based on a location, maybe geographically, like Minerals from New York, or based on a mine, like Minerals from the Tsumeb Mine in Namibia. Even still, some people just like to buy whatever strikes their fancy. Whatever it is that you like to look at, check out our easy to use list of searches online to stimulate your acquisitions, or to whet your researching desire. You can find great deals, sleeper minerals and maybe some things you want to easily search daily on eBay. Searching by state can sometimes help to pinpoint some possible collecting locations, when properly researched. Searches on eBay can tell you a great deal about the goings on around the mineral world, as many new minerals often come through dealers on eBay first! Each one of these buttons leads to an eBay search page looking for those specific minerals. Have fun checking out the new finds every week!

Pro Tip: Bookmark this page by pressing CTRL + D or CMD + D on your keyboard! You can come back and check out these searches, because new results are available continuously! Minerals are like snowflakes, once something is gone, you are not apt to come across it again. Well, maybe…that is part of the fun of this hobby!

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